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Senior Pastor (JRCC) : 2000-present
Quincy (KY) Church of Christ : 1995-2000
Grad of Malone University, ’88 – social work
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Dear Tim: Continued...

Paul wraps up his first letter to his “son”, and on the way out he takes one more shot at false teachers, how to really be happy in life, eternal life, rich people, and (my personal favorite) “godless chatter”. In other words, he goes out swinging!

Nov 4 - How to be Happy - 1 Tim 6:3-10
False teachers do more than mess up a church; they really mess up your life. They convince you of what you REALLY need to do with your life, only you find out all that stuff doesn’t really make you happy...unless you think life is all about you. (You know who you are…) So, what’s the real answer to being happy? Money! (Nope.) Contentment? (Yep.)

Nov 11 - How to be Holy - 1 Tim 6:11-16
Any honest preacher will tell you what others should: he’s as sinful as anyone else. (Anyone that knows Pastor Dave knows that’s true! Lol!) Yet, Paul has already made clear that pastors are held to a higher standard...or are they? The key to it all is being holy as God is holy, something all of us are called to be. But how?

Nov 18 - How to be Hopeful - 1 Tim 6:17-19
When the Stock Market crashes, what causes people to jump to their deaths? Why do some people jump from job to job convinced they’ll be happier, but are still miserable? Is it because we place our hope in money, but not the Master?

Nov 25 - How to be Healthy - 1 Tim 6:20-21
Paul ends his letter with a personal challenge to Timothy to be careful about buying into the junk that people love to babble on about. When we dwell on negative “chatter”, it messes with our mental health. So, what does Paul say we should focus on instead?

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​Jennings Road

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