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Money and Me

A whole month of sermons on money? See you in November! Does God expect us as ordinary people to do extraordinary things with our money...or lack of? Yep, but it’s not like you think.

Oct 6 Shhhhhhhh! Matt 6:1-4
In a chapter devoted on how to live as a Christ-follower, Jesus starts off by telling us to give our offerings in secret; don’t let anyone know. Huh? Did he think we’d want it known publically how much (or how little) we give on Sunday? Or is it more about the amount of our heart we give to...well, giving?

Oct 13 Storing vs Serving Matt 6:19-24
Just a few verses later, Jesus comes back to money but this time the focus is on all the junk we think is important that we spend our money on. Or, what if we spent time remembering that we are to serve God with our spending?

Oct 20 Small Mark 12:41-44
Think it takes a large amount of money in the offering to impress Jesus? Time to change your thinking!

Oct 27 Sold Out Matt 21:13-17
Jesus walks into church, and what he sees disgusts him. His response to “why” he starts throwing tables and whipping people out? The people had turned the church into something it was never meant to be about: money.

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