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Christian Myths Busted

Remember the show Mythbusters? Two guys and their team that proved, through science, whether commonly held myths are factual. Sadly, JRCC doesn’t have a team like this, but we do have God’s proven word to dispel some commonly held myths that Christians believe.

3 - Christians Can’t Judge - 1 Cor 5:12-13
Ever heard, or said, “Christians can’t judge others?” Actually, the apostle Paul would agree with you...partly. He actually says Christians CAN judge people, but it’s not the group of people you think!

10 - Faith Fixes Everything - Heb 11:32-40
“If you have enough faith…” it solves everything, right? Name it, and claim it! Didn’t Jesus tell us to ask and we’ll receive it? (TRICK QUESTION!!!) What if your faith and your circumstances don’t have the connection you’ve been told they have?

17 - God Wants Me to Be Happy - Rom 8:28
Ever have life go wrong, and you want to know why God allowed it to happen? Besides, you think, God wants us to be happy, doesn’t He? Isn’t He supposed to bless me, since I’m his follower? That would be nice, but that also isn’t true. If God doesn’t want us to be happy, what does He want for us?

24 - God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle - 2 Cor. 1:8-11
SPOILER: Oh yes He will! Quite often, actually. Believing this myth (LIE) can really ruin your relationship with God and fellow believers. Why, then, does He give us MORE than we can handle? The same reason He did for Paul, Moses, Abraham and Sarah, Mary and Joseph, and even His own son.

My Little Book Club

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