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“B” a Disciple
God has called us to be his followers, his disciples! Now what? Do we go to church? Sing songs? Vote on churchy things? Get moved to top of God’s “to bless” list? To be a follower is not what you think it means.

Feb 4 - Blessed! (Sweet! I think?) - Matt 5:1-10
Who doesn’t want to be blessed? I mean, getting stuff that you ask for from God? Cha-ching! Except that’s not what Jesus thinks being blessed is...oops. All it takes to be blessed? Changing the way we’ve done church forever. (Let’s vote on that, shall we?)

Feb 11 - Beat Up - Matt 5:11-12
Good news, says Jesus! If you follow him, you’ll get blessed. YAY!!! And, you’ll also get beat up! YA..wait, what? But not for the reason you think. Is it worth it?

Feb 18 - Better - Matt 5:13
Anyone ever been told by a doctor to cut down on salt? (Quacks!!!) Believe it or not, Jesus would disagree. May not about your diet, but definitely on how yummy salt is...and how we as Christians need to be yummy to a tasteless world. Do you add flavor to the world?

Feb 25 - Bright - Matt 5:14-16
“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine! Oh,...” anyone know what comes next? Do others consider you someone that brightens their day or lives? If not, why? Maybe it has something to do with verse two of the children’s classic: “Won’t let Satan (blow) it out”. Did you?

My Little Book Club

The Jesus I Never Knew, Phillip Yancey

Star Trek: A Choice of Catastropes, Schuster

Not a Fan, Kyle Idleman

You Can't Get There By Sitting Here, Chuck and Norma Sink

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​Jennings Road

1124 Jennings Road | Van Wert, OH 45891 | 419-238-2138

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