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The Jesus I Never Knew, Phillip Yancey

Star Trek: A Choice of Catastropes, Schuster

Not a Fan, Kyle Idleman

You Can't Get There By Sitting Here, Chuck and Norma Sink

Pastor Dave Ray

Senior Pastor (JRCC) : 2000-present
Quincy (KY) Church of Christ : 1995-2000
Grad of Malone University, ’88 – social work
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1124 Jennings Road | Van Wert, OH 45891 | 419-238-2138

​Jennings Road

Church of Christ

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July Sermon Series

Ordinary Fear, Extraordinary Faith

This month JRCC celebrates kids as we join with them exploring the lessons of VBS. An arrested royal advisor sentenced to death. A reluctant queen forced to action. Ten people that didn’t ask for life to be this awful breaking the law. Someone hated for their race taking a stand. What do all these ordinary people have in common with us? The same extraordinary God!

July 7 Political Pawn Daniel 6
Imagine you do everything you can to be a good person. You are known as a person of integrity, a hard worker, and have a positive influence on everyone you come in contact with. Your boss is so impressed that he's going to make you CEO! Just one problem...your coworkers are totally jealous. Their solution? Do everything they can to get you canned, including claiming your faith in God violates company policy. Sound familiar? If not, it might soon. What can we learn from Daniel that will help us be believers in an anti-faith world?

July 14 Personal Power Esther 4
Speaking of a life you didn’t want, Esther finds herself queen of an entire nation! Sounds comfy, right? Depends; would you like to be married to someone you had no choice in picking? Now, one of her husband’s advisors has decided it’s time for his own personal Holocaust: the death of anyone who is Jewish. Esther now has to face the challenge of standing up for her people in the face of certain death. Are you willing to take a stand for the oppressed in 2019’s world?

July 21 Price Paid Luke 10:25-37
Trying to show how cool he is, a lawyer challenges Jesus on the concept of eternal life. Jesus, proving how cool he is, turns it into a discussion of not just eternal life but also earthly living...for others. His example of how to live a Christian life? A dirty, disgusting bi-racial heretic.

July 28 Problems? Praise! Luke 17:11-19
Jesus is met on the road by ten lepers, who shout at him for mercy since they’re bound by law not to go near any healthy Jew. He heals them at a distance, and they all run away with joy...except one. This one has another reason he’s not allowed near Jesus; he’s a Samaritan.