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June Sermon Series

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​Jennings Road

1124 Jennings Road | Van Wert, OH 45891 | 419-238-2138

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God Is Good (People?  Well…) 

Last month, Jesus kicked off his most famous sermon with nothing but positives. All blessing, all the time! Being the realist he is, Jesus now tells us how to deal with the negative people in our life. However, it’s not like we’ve been led to believe… 

7 - My Way or Yahweh - Matt 5:17-20 
The biggest hurdle that Jesus faced?  An established church that was meant to bring glory to God but instead found itself mired in rules and traditions.  (Sound familiar?)  His solution? Making the old new. 
14 - Sticks and Stones - Matt 5:21-26 
Familiar with this old nursery rhyme: sticks and stones may...break your bones?  (Ouch!)  What follows is a nice chant, but an awful reality: ​words may never hurt me​.  (I wish!)  Jesus not only recognizes the damage hurtful words have on us but warns us to be careful with the words we use as well. 
21 - Promises, Promises - Matt 5:27-37 
Speaking of words meaning something, the words “I do” should.  Every couple claims this wedding day vow, but as many of us know far too well the commitment behind the promise doesn’t always follow.  What exactly does Jesus say about divorce, and why did he redefine adultery in the very next sentence? 
28 - Coat Check - Matt 5:38-48 
Speaking of divorce and new enemies, Jesus tells us how to treat those who oppose us...and I do not like it!  To get to his level, we are going to have to get rid of old ways of thinking, especially turning being hurt into something that really can help us.

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