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June Sermon Series

Church of Christ

​Jennings Road

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Pastor Dave Ray

Senior Pastor (JRCC) : 2000-present
Quincy (KY) Church of Christ : 1995-2000
Grad of Malone University, ’88 – social work
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​Jennings Road

1124 Jennings Road | Van Wert, OH 45891 | 419-238-2138

Church of Christ

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Extraordinary With Jesus

In May we saw Peter and the disciples begin to experience their extraordinary God in ways they never had before. They went from being ordinary fishermen to ordinary disciples of an extraordinary God! This month we’ll continue our journey with them and the first church, and see what happens when we accept the extraordinary...and for some, the consequence of rejecting the same. Which will you choose?

June 2 Beautiful Mess Acts 3:1-10
Is there anything worse than watching others do something you can’t do, mentally or physically, and then be surrounded by everything beautiful? For the man in today’s story, it’s literal. Every single day someone sets him by the Beautiful Gate, and because of his lame legs he sits and begs to survive. Many of us feel lame as well, not just physically. So, what’s the answer. “Something better!” says Peter.

June 9 Churchy People! Acts 4:1-4
On the flip side of experiencing God in an extraordinary way are “churchy people” that focus on the rules and their own ideas of what “church” should be. The church leaders see God working through Peter and John, but there’s a problem. That threatens their power structure and their idea of what God should be. What does God do when we think we own the church? Blows the doors off!

June 16 Barney the Preacher Acts 4:32-37
Wait, the purple dinosaur is a preacher? Not exactly; some guy that meets Jesus, loves the growing church, and shares what he has to help others in need. In response, God changes this believer’s name to Barnabas. What new name do you need God to give you so you too can do
extraordinary things for Him?

June 23 Doorknob Christianity Acts 5:1-11
What kills the church fastest, like dead as a doorknob? Hypocrisy? Pride? Whatever it is, it brings the church to a screeching halt in chapter 5. The price for being self-centered in an other-centered church body? Doorknob Christianity.

June 30 5th Sunday Celebration! Us!
On this special 5th Sunday Celebration we’re going to hear from ordinary people that do extraordinary things through and because of!