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Church of Christ

​Jennings Road

1124 Jennings Road | Van Wert, OH 45891 | 419-238-2138

Pastor Dave Ray

Senior Pastor (JRCC) : 2000-present
Quincy (KY) Church of Christ : 1995-2000
Grad of Malone University, ’88 – social work
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​Jennings Road

Church of Christ

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The Jesus I Never Knew, Phillip Yancey

Star Trek: A Choice of Catastropes, Schuster

Not a Fan, Kyle Idleman

You Can't Get There By Sitting Here, Chuck and Norma Sink

Sunday School @ 9:00am | Sunday Worship @ 10:00am

An Ordinary Christmas

Dec 1 Ordinary Dumb Guy Luke 1:18-25
Zechariah goes to work and does what he always does; follows the script. Get up, go to work, come home, go to bed. Repeat. Just an ordinary day. Besides, who goes to work thinking, “I bet today is the day that God will change my life forever!” Except, on this particular day, God did. Can he do the same for you?

Dec 8 Ordinary Teenager Luke 1:26-38
Ah, young love. Mary, a simple teenager, is engaged to be married...every little girl’s dream! No one dreams of what can go wrong with your wedding, unless you have a dream where God tells you that you are going to be pregnant. (Without, well, you know.) When an extraordinary God calls you to do something extraordinary, what should your reaction be? Maybe the same as Mary’s.

Dec 15 Ordinary Dude Matt 1:18-25
Joseph’s reaction to hearing his (now supposedly) virgin bride-to-be claim she’s pregnant (and he KNOWS he didn’t do it) is pretty ordinary. Can you blame him? Bet in his sandals you’d react the same. For Joseph, though, he doesn’t rely on his emotions alone, he relies on his faith in an extraordinary God! How different would your life be if you did the same?

Dec 22 Ordinary Christmas Luke 2:1-8
An overbearing, corrupt government. A church that was even more misguided and corrupt. An overworked and over-taxed society. A disputed census. Worst of all: a family trip during the holidays! (Any of this sound familiar?) Into this ordinary world the extraordinary Jesus was born, and things have never been the same since!

Dec 29 5th Sunday Celebration! Luke 2:25-40
It’s the return of Pajama Pants Sunday! Wear your favorite jammies and learn about some very ordinary old people who met an extraordinary baby, and their lives were never the same. Some gifts are worth waiting for.