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Beyond Easter

Easter, on April Fool’s Day! (Did God do that just for JRCC???) For many, the idea of Jesus coming back to life is beyond foolish, and we’re dumb for believing it. This month, we’re going to watch as Paul has that same conversation with the people of Athens...and there’s not one single Christian in the whole town besides him!

If JRCC is really going to impact the greater Van Wert community with the story of Jesus coming back from the grave, we need to see what Paul did in the face of such overwhelming odds...and repeat them.

April 1 - Fooled Ya! - Matt 28:1-10
Today we finish our short trip though Matthew, looking at the resurrection of Jesus through Matthew’s perspective. The women who went to the tomb expected their God to be dead. (Know the feeling?) Instead, Jesus pulls the ultimate prank, appearing out of nowhere to go “Boo!” What will your reaction be when he does the same to you?

April 8 - Foolish - Acts 17:16-21
Paul had to get out of Dodge; the town of Thessalonica (think the book of the Bible called Thessalonians) want to beat the living daylights out of him. The believers make him hide out in Athens, a town with zero Christians in it. Safe place! Paul decides to share about Jesus, and some people have only one thought about Paul and his Jesus: that’s beyond foolish.

April 15 - Foolishly Familia -r Acts 17:22-28
Paul recognized something about the people of Athens that we know all too well: they’re spiritual, but not sure what to believe in. Paul wants them to know that his God is foolishly familiar; he LOVES them and loves much so he created everything, including them.

April 22 - Father of Fools - Acts 17:29-31
Paul makes a huge declaration: we are God’s children! (Changes Father’s Day, doesn’t it?) What’s the advantage of God being our father, when so many of us have earthly fathers that have been nothing but failures?

April 29 - 5th Sunday Celebration! - Acts 17:32-33
Get ready for this historic Sunday at JRCC that isn’t going to be at JRCC! This special Sunday we will meet off campus, in several homes of JRCC family members. Watch for more details as this day comes close!

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