The Road to The Cross

1 Serve John 13:1-17
Knowing that He was about to die, Jesus gets very specific with His
words and His actions. He could make the moment all about Himself,
and who could blame Him? Instead, He uses a common, everyday
event to make an eternal statement about the love God has for us. How
can we do the same?

8 Share John 13:18-30
Having the opportunity to walk and talk with Jesus is life-changing,
but not always positive. If you got the chance to share life with Jesus,
would you ever consider betraying Him? You might not like the
heart-honest answer to that question.

15 Simple John 13:31-38
Remember the question from last Sunday: would you ever betray
Jesus? Peter’s answer is pretty simple: never! Jesus’ reply would haunt
Peter forever, and also give him a hope like never before. What exactly
does God do when we betray Him? The answer is pretty simple.

22 Sympathy John 14:1-4
Do you ever wish God would take sympathy on you? It seems like
nothing ever goes right, the world’s a mess, and then? The “check
engine” light comes on! ARRRRGH! What does God do when nothing
seems right?

29 5th Sunday Celebration! In Homes John 14:5-14
No service at the church; today we meet in people’s homes, just like the
church in Acts often did! Music, a video sermon from Pastor Dave,
lively discussion...and food!

March Sermon Series

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