1124 Jennings Road | Van Wert, OH 45891 | 419-238-2138

1124 Jennings Road | Van Wert, OH 45891 | 419-238-2138

December Sermon Series

​Jennings Road

​Jennings Road

Love God

Pastor Dave Ray

Senior Pastor (JRCC) : 2000-present
Quincy (KY) Church of Christ : 1995-2000
Grad of Malone University, ’88 – social work
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Love Others

Sunday School @ 9:00am | Sunday Worship @ 10:00am

Worst Christmas Ever

For so many Christmas is a time of joy, celebration, and excited anticipation. For some, it’s a time of stress, hating the government, and life not being fair. For Mary and Joseph, and the entire nation of Israel as well; they know exactly how you feel.

Dec 2 Birth Matt 1:1-17
Why begin Christmas with the boring parts of the Bible: a genealogy? What does “who begat whom” have to do with the birth of Jesus? Lots, but we’re going to concentrate on the fact that if a few of these people never had babies to begin with, then no Jesus! Is that what people see in our relationships as well - no Jesus?
Dec 9 Scared Luke 1:26-30
Mary freaks out when God tells her he has special plans for her. Shame on her, right? We’d never get scared if God spoke directly to us and told us he has special plans for us! I mean, come on, who cares if it ruins our relationships and dreams for a future. Right?
Dec 16 Death Matt 1:18-25
Death? What does that have to do with Christmas??? A lot, considering Joseph decided to end his marriage with Mary after discovering she was pregnant...and it wasn’t his. (Awkward.) The death of a relationship, or the hope of one, is something that lingers with us long after the moment has passed. Especially at Christmas. What hope is there?
Dec 23 Stress Luke 2:1-7
Ever traveled over the holidays? Ever traveled while you (or your spouse) is pregnant? Ever traveled while not knowing where you’re going to stay? Welcome to Joseph and Mary’s stressful world.
Dec 30 5th Sunday Celebration! JRCC
We wrap up our holiday month with a fun Christmas Pajama Party!
Please note:
No Children's Church or Sunday School, or the traditional carry-in following the 11:00 a.m. service
(Please note the time change for just this Sunday!)

Church of Christ

Church of Christ

My Little Book Club

The Jesus I Never Knew, Phillip Yancey

Star Trek: A Choice of Catastropes, Schuster

Not a Fan, Kyle Idleman

You Can't Get There By Sitting Here, Chuck and Norma Sink